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Formal education programs must be booked at least one month in advance. Visitors are also welcome from 9am-5pm daily for free self-guided tours.

Guided Tours at AWC

Alabama Wildlife Center Tour + Birds of Prey Program
This is a guided tour of AWC’s facility at Oak Mountain State Park.  Learn about the work that happens every day at the Wildlife Center and the Center’s role in the larger picture of wildlife conservation.  Your group will also be given a Birds of Prey program with at least two glove-trained raptors.
Recommended for all ages/grade levels. Plan for at least 1 hour with this option.

Treetop Nature Trail & Hike + AWC Tour + Birds of Prey Program
Begin your guided tour on the Treetop Nature Trail Boardwalk where your group will meet non-releasable raptors and learn the basics of raptor biology. From TNT your group will hike up to the Alabama Wildlife Center, with several stops along the way to learn about forest ecology and the various inhabitants of the forest ecosystem. Once at AWC, you will be given a guided tour of the facility and a Birds of Prey program with at least two glove-trained raptors.
Recommended for grades 6-12. Plan for at least 2 hours with this option.


The Alabama Wildlife Center is a functioning rehabilitation center. To ensure the well-being of our sensitive wild bird patients, we request that groups provide adequate chaperones to ensure that tours are conducted in a quiet and orderly manner.

Suggested student/chaperone ratios:

Elementary School — 1 chaperone for every 5 students
Middle and High School — 1 chaperone for every 10 students

Off-site Programs

We bring the birds to your classroom, organization, or event!


Birds of Prey Program
This birds of prey program will teach students  how to recognize raptors based on their adaptations. Students will review the basics of raptor biology and learn about behavior, training, and conservation. Additionally, students will learn many interesting facts about these amazing animals and will also get to meet at least three glove-trained raptors up close and personal.
We will adjust information given during programs to meet the needs of  different grade levels. Programs last 1 hour including Q&A.

Booth at Your Event

This is a great way to have AWC birds visit your event without a formal Birds of Prey Program. We will set up a booth with information about the Alabama Wildlife Center, have interactive and educational materials on and around the table, and have glove-trained raptors that make periodic appearances throughout the duration of the event.  Events can take place inside or outside.

Program fees

Pricing for programs may vary depending on group size, duration and number of programs, and distance from AWC.

Programs at AWC:
For groups up to 20 people wanting to participate in a guided hike along the Treetop Nature Trail, guided tour of the facility, and Bird of Prey program, the program fee is $100.00.  For groups larger than 20 people, the fee is $5 per person.

For groups up to 25 people wanting to participate in a guided tour of the facility and Bird of Prey program, the program fee is $100.00.  For groups larger than 25 people, the fee is $4.00 per person.

For groups up to 30 people wanting to participate in just a Bird of Prey program, the program fee is $100.00. For groups larger than 30 people, the fee is $3.00 per person

Off-site programs:
The fee for having AWC’s educational staff and education birds visit your organization to present a Bird of Prey program is $200.00.  If you are interested in having more than one program presentation on a given day, the fee for each additional program is $100.00.

The fee for having an AWC booth as part of a half-day program or event (up to 3 hours) is $300. 

*For off-site program requests, additional travel fees may be applied.

Payment Terms for Educational Programs:

All programs must be paid in full no later than one business day before the program. All weekend programs must be paid by the end of business hours on the Friday before the program.

Cancellations should be made as soon as possible. Refunds will be given if cancellations are made at least 24 hours in advance.

AWC is not an entity of Oak Mountain State Park. Payment for entrance fees must be paid to the park gate upon entrance unless otherwise arranged through the Park Office at (205) 620-2520.

Limited scholarship funds are available. If reduced or waived fees would make it possible for your group to participate in our formal education programs, please inquire.

Park Entrance Fees:
Program prices do not include entrance fees for Oak Mountain State Park, which are paid separately upon arrival:

Children ages 3 and under: free
Ages 4-11: $2.00
Ages 12-60: $5.00
Ages 61 and over: $2.00

To Book:

Bookings are subject to the availability of a trained program presenter.   To request a program, call 205-413-4784, ext. 4.


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About The Wildlife Center

Our Mission
The Alabama Wildlife Center is Alabama’s oldest and largest wildlife rehabilitation facility, caring annually for almost 2,000 wild bird patients from more than 100 species. AWC is a nonprofit organization with a dual mission:
  • to provide medical and rehabilitative care for Alabama’s injured and orphaned native birds in order to permit their return to the wild, and
  • to educate people in order to heighten awareness and appreciation of Alabama’s native wildlife.