Education Programs

Our Philosophy

Our Education Programs are designed to create a greater understanding that each of us are a member of an ecosystem. Our daily activities have direct consequences on other species within our ecosystem, as well as the air, land, and water that support us all.

Our Educational Mission

The mission for AWC’s Education Programs is focused on building a connection between the people and the wild birds of Alabama. We aim to help educate the public on Alabama’s native wild birds and AWC’s role in wildlife conservation.


Interested in booking an Education Program with AWC?

All Education Programs are described below (including program fees & terms & conditions)

  • Bookings are subject to the availability of a trained program presenter
  • All program requests must be made 1 month in advance
  • Please give 5-7 days for someone to contact you to verify your request
  • Additionally, please keep an eye on your email once you’ve submitted a request

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Alabama Wildlife Center Tour + Birds of Prey Program

Embark on an enlightening tour of the AWC facility located within Oak Mountain State Park. This experience offers an in-depth look into the daily operations at AWC and highlights our integral contribution to wildlife conservation efforts. Additionally, your group will be treated to a captivating Birds of Prey presentation featuring at least two glove-trained raptors.

Recommended for all ages/grade levels. Plan for at least 1 hour with this option.

Treetop Nature Trail Hike + AWC Tour + Birds of Prey Program

Start your journey with a guided exploration along the Treetop Nature Trail Boardwalk, where you’ll encounter non-releasable raptors and delve into the fundamentals of raptor biology. Your adventure continues from the TNT, as your group embarks on a hike to AWC, punctuated by numerous stops to discover forest ecology and the diverse species that thrive within the forest ecosystem. Upon arrival at AWC, you will be treated to an in-depth tour of our facilities, culminating in an engaging Birds of Prey presentation featuring at least two glove-trained raptors.

Recommended for all ages/grade levels. Plan for at least 2 hours with this option.

Additional Information


The Alabama Wildlife Center is a functioning rehabilitation center. To ensure the well-being of our sensitive wild bird patients, we request that groups provide adequate chaperones to ensure that tours are conducted in a quiet and orderly manner.


1 chaperone for every 5 students


1 chaperone for every 10 students

Program Fees

Pricing applies to both children and adults (including teachers and chaperones) in attendance.

AWC Tour + Birds of Prey Program

For groups up to 25 people

$ 100 .00

For groups larger than 25 people

$ 4 .00 per person

Treetop Nature Trail Hike + AWC Tour + Birds of Prey Program

For groups up to 25 people

$ 100 .00

For groups larger than 25 people

$ 5 .00 per person


Birds of Prey Program

Our Birds of Prey Program is designed to educate students on identifying raptors through their unique adaptations. Participants will delve into the fundamentals of raptor biology, covering aspects of behavior, training, and conservation efforts. The session will be enriched with fascinating insights about these incredible creatures. Moreover, students will have the opportunity to experience an up-close encounter with at least three glove-trained raptors, enhancing their learning with a personal touch.

We will adjust information given during programs to meet the needs of different grade levels. Programs last 1 hour including Q&A.

Event Booth

Reserve an AWC booth for your upcoming event! This offers a fantastic opportunity to feature AWC birds at your gathering without the structure of a formal Birds of Prey presentation. Our team will establish an engaging booth, complete with comprehensive information about the Alabama Wildlife Center. The setup will include interactive and educational materials for guests to explore, alongside periodic appearances by our glove-trained raptors throughout the event. The Event Booth promises to enrich your event with a unique, educational, and memorable experience.

Events can take place inside or outside.

Additional Information

Program Fees*

* For Off-Site Program requests, additional travel fees may be applied.

Birds of Prey Program

One (1) Birds of Prey Program

$ 300 .00

More than one (1) Birds of Prey Programs on a given day, the fee for each additional program:

$ 200 .00

Event Booth

Half-day program or event (up to 3 hours)

$ 500 .00

Payment Terms

  • Upon receiving an invoice, payment for booked programs must be paid in advance to reserve program date
  • Programs may be paid with a check or credit card
  • Credit cards are subjected to a 3% service charge
  • Checks must be made payable to Alabama Wildlife Center

Cancellation Policy

  • Programs may be rescheduled
  • Cancellations made in less than 48 hours of the booked program are non-refundable

Additional FAQ

Program prices do not include entrance fees for Oak Mountain State Park. OMSP entrance feeds are paid separately.

Children (3 & Under)


Children (4-11)

$ 2 .00

Children & Adults (12-60)

$ 5 .00

Seniors (62+)

$ 2 .00

** All active military and veterans are free **