For more than 45 years, the Alabama Wildlife Center has helped over 50,000 injured and orphaned birds—and it wouldn’t have been possible without generous donors just like you! Through your generosity, you are making an investment in a healthier environment.

As a nonprofit organization, we solely operate through community support and individual donors. Saving wildlife starts with you—please consider making a donation today. Together, we are making a better world for birds today, tomorrow, and forever.

Thank you for supporting the Alabama Wildlife Center and being a champion for birds in need. Click below to make a donation.

All donations over $35 come with a one-year membership!

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Looking for other ways to support the AWC? 

While donations make the biggest impact, here are some other ways that you can make an impact!


The Alabama Wildlife Center operates almost entirely through voluntary efforts. Work with compassionate and dedicated like-minded people to keep our mission thriving. One-of-a-kind experiences await you! for more information visit this link or email us.

Planned Giving:

Create a lasting legacy by leaving AWC in your will, donating a life insurance policy, and much more! For information on planning giving, visit this link or email us.


Running Alabama’s oldest and largest wildlife rehabilitation takes a lot of supplies! For those that would like to help purchase items, we have created Amazon Wishlists that show all the items we use on a daily and weekly basis. You can also support us through and Amazon will donate .5% of your purchase to the AWC! To visit our wishlists, visit this link.