For more than four decades, the Alabama Wildlife Center
has been the leading organization committed
to the conservation and protection of Alabama’s native birds.

Throughout our history, we have stood hand in hand with those who want to help wildlife in need. And together, we’ve created a better world for current and future generations. Your support will allow us to continue our much-needed mission, helping us change the landscape of the rehabilitation and care of wildlife and connecting people to nature through our dynamic educational programs.



Our educational programs aim to help educate the public on Alabama’s native wild birds and AWC’s role in wildlife conservation. AWC performs over 500 educational programs each year – connecting people to nature & promoting conservation for wildlife and the natural world.


Our unique, inclusive educational programs connect children and adults to the natural world. These programs teach responsible ways to protect and preserve wildlife resources and share the critical role that avian wildlife plays in our ecosystem. As our natural spaces become scarce and species continue to decline, education is one of the most important ways in which to build future generations of naturalists and outdoor enthusiasts.


Expanding our educational offerings will allow us to increase the care, enrichment, and training of our educational ambassadors as well as provide a better experience for visitors. Projects include a flight training area, new mews, upgrades to current prep and care areas, and new handling gear.

rehabilitation renovation & upgrades

Our rehabilitation clinic admits nearly 2,000 wild bird patients from over 100 species annually – including raptors, songbirds, and waterfowl. Our clinic uses special techniques tailored to the needs of each patient so they can recover and return to the wild.


Since our founding, AWC has rehabilitated more than 100,000 native wildlife. In that time, our clinic has never undergone a renovation and still uses equipment that is over 40 years old. While we have made the most of our current facilities, AWC’s rehabilitation program is in critical need of upgrades.


By renovating our clinic, we will be more equipped and better prepared for the rising demands for our services, bringing the highest level of rehabilitative care to the injured and orphaned wildlife of Alabama. Projects include a complete clinic renovation, lab & and x-ray capabilities, and upgrades to outdated equipment and furniture.

facilities & public enrichment

Our facility is located inside a 10,000 square-foot building designed for the Oak Mountain State Park restaurant. We moved into this facility in the early 80s and began renovating the interior and exterior. While these renovations helped shape the facility to the need at the time, these areas are greatly outdated and need upgrades and repairs.


As our facility ages, we are constantly battling maintenance issues that we often have to defer due to a lack of resources. Additionally due to limited resources, our facility lacks educational displays to enhance public enrichment, increase tourism, and raise awareness.


By tackling several critical building repairs and focusing on areas to improve in the interior of our facility, we will be able to provide a better overall experience to guests and visitors. By upgrading public areas, we will be better equipped to provide a welcoming, educational environment. Projects include technology upgrades, roof repairs, bathroom renovations, new exhibits, and additional educational signage.



Achieve efficiency. Upgrade and modernize our equipment to provide better and efficient care for Alabama’s injured and orphaned birds.


Increase public awareness. Expand our Education Program to increase awareness for the protection and conservation of Alabama’s wildlife.


Improve our interior. Solve maintenance issues and critical building repairs to improve the interior of our facility.


Increase public enrichment. Upgrade public areas to provide a more welcoming and educational environment for our guests and visitors.






Contribute to the Alabama Wildlife Center’s crucial work by making a direct impact through cash or check donations. Your financial support plays a vital role in safeguarding the well-being of Alabama’s wildlife, helping us continue our essential conservation efforts.


Contribute to the Alabama Wildlife Center’s vital work by donating stocks or equities, providing a strategic and impactful way to support wildlife conservation efforts. Your contribution of securities ensures a meaningful impact, helping secure a sustainable future for Alabama’s diverse wildlife.

Leave a Legacy

Securing a lasting legacy for the Alabama Wildlife Center is as simple as including us in your will. By designating a bequest, you ensure that future generations of wildlife will benefit from your thoughtful contribution, leaving a lasting impact on conservation efforts in Alabama.

Personal Property

Make a lasting contribution to the Alabama Wildlife Center by donating personal property, providing a unique way to support our conservation efforts. Your generous gift of personal property helps ensure the well-being of Alabama’s wildlife, making a tangible impact on the preservation of our natural heritage.

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